Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pawns of the Pathfinder Beginner Box

Reviews of Pathinder RPG's Beginner Box are making the rounds, and many of them link to Paizo's unboxing video (appearing on this blog immediately after its release).  One of the features of the box that I was particularly excited to see -- and felt like the video gave short shrift -- were the pawns.  I will address this lack out of my own interest in the pawns, and to help inform my readers, with a selections of photographs I took of some of my favorites among the 87 pawns.  They are very nice illustrations of appropriate monsters and characters for games between 1st and 5th level, and printed on very sturdy cardboard, and the bases (stands) hold them erect with no problems.  Other parts of the boxed set may be seen in the background.

Paizo Pawns:
Because if you say you don't want to be able to play an all-elf party of hotties, you lie.

Paizo's Iconic Goblins, dancing around the fire.

The Heavy Hitters (High CR Opponents)
The sound of large wings beating is the signal to RUN!

Inbred hill people room.

Will o' Wisp and Ghost
Medusa: Hottest of the Tough Monsters.  The other two just are just lackeys for composition.

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