Monday, October 24, 2011

Lolth's Kind of Guy

Hextor by Ralph Horsley

I think it was the day I got my Hextor miniature, but it may have been when I saw WAR's illustration of Hextor (sadly, I can't find a nice link to it).  I took one look at the eight-limbed freak: big, strong, violent, evil.  And, above all, with strong arachnid features.  Just Lolth's type.  That is why, in the version of a fiendish hierarchy that I developled for 3.5, I planned to develop a liaison between Lolth and Hextor, despite their differences in alignment (don't make me state the obvious about male-female relationships in the real world).  I like the idea so much, that I would consider using it in another setting if I never used this setting again. 

Hextor also seems a good choice to me for the worship of goblinoids, especially hobgoblins, given his goblinoid features and his warlike character.  Does anyone know where this design originated?  Hextor was not on my radar back in the days of first edition, only coming to my attention with third edition.  Did Hextor look like this in the old world of Greyhawk materials?  In my opinion, this is a strong design. 

By the way, in spite of the what I said about WAR's illustration, I do like the work that Ralph Horsley has done for WotC, Paizo, and others.  I especially like his use of color.

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