Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not-to-Miss Mentions

A couple of items here at the dawn of the new week.

From last week's Paizo blog: though the Beginner's Box is what everyone is talking about, Paizo also unveiled three more of the upcoming release of Pathfinder Battles from Wizkids!  To get your Halloween dreaming kicked off, feast your eyes on the zombie, werewolf, and spectre.

Also, I recently used a Ralph Horsley image.  If you haven't seen his Deviantart page, I recommend it.  I love his use of color and the dramatic quality of his work.  And he doesn't mind sharing nice-sized images.  Give this man more work, says I!

Also, I assume everyone has been clicking jack o' lanterns like mad over on DriveThruRPG/Comics/Wargame Vault/RPGNOW.  Whew.

Also, two things you might have missed:
  • If you haven't voted in the poll, please do so (top of right sidebar)!
  • Be sure and check out the Free stuff from CGP for Labyrinth Lord & Pathfinder.

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