Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I won Dungeons and Dragons... and it was Advanced!

In case you don't know...
Leave it to Chevy Chase to show chumps like Charlie Sheen what WINNING! looks like.  What does winning an RPG look like to you?  Or does the question even make sense?  I've decided to try my hand at my first poll.  Check it out in the top right hand corner (the sidebar).

EDIT: My apologies to the one person who voted previously (the person who voted for GM & Players), but I had to switch to another poll gadget.  The first one was causing people way too much trouble.


  1. I love the reference. It's the only episode of "The Community" that I've seen.

    Your poll does present an interesting question. I think, however, the problem is that many people have different views about what it means to "win" in an RPG. The poll you've posted allows us to see how people view the WAY in which "win conditions" are determined, but doesn't address the definition of what winning means. Obviously, the two are linked, but they are not the same.

  2. You're correct, Paris. I took a little rhetorical wiggle-room for myself: both questions are of interest and not identical.