Friday, October 21, 2011

Updates of Good Stuff

Paizo Minis
The Paizo blog did not preview all the uncommon minis, but they did reveal three pics and a list of another half-dozen.  Check it out.

A PF Podcast
I finally listened to the latest (but no longer new) episode of Know Direction.  It has an interview with Erik Mona.  All interviews with Mona must be listened to.  It's the law.

The Undead as Denizens of the Underworld
Two recent blog posts have my attention, and I encourage folks who haven't read them to do so.
  1. One at Beedo's Dreams in the Lich House
  2. Two at Roger the GS's Roles, Rules, and Rolls
These go together like bread and butter, and reflect the kind of thinking that I really like. I hope we hear more on this subject from the two of them.

The Dope Fiends by Dave Mallon, 2010

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