Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Summary Statement of RPM CH. 7

Chapter 7
Part III:  Chapter in a Nutshell
You identify your mission, set your goal, determine your objectives, get to know the enemy, and plan with your team.  You use every sense and resource to move swiftly from objective to objective in order to attain your goal.  [You adventure as lightly equipped as possible for the mission...]  You are not sidetracked, but you go out of your way to bypass obstacles and enemy strongpoints whenever possible.  You conserve your resources.  When you strike, you do so hard and fast, but with only the amount of force necessary to accomplish your aim... If need be, your team will retire in order to reequip, but you'll be back again... (126)

 Links: Parts I and II.  An example scenario from the chapter is here.

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