Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Cold Wind Blows from the East this October

A Michael Tumey map from the module Frozen Wind
I have blogged before about Michael Tumey's Kaidan setting for the PFRPG.  As a special Halloween treat, Rite Publishing is giving away an adventure for fifth-level characters to face the frozen fury of a vengeful spirit: Frozen Wind.  Grab the free pdf at the Paizo store for a look at what Kaidan has to offer.  One way this adventure will facilitate that is it provides pregenerated characters so you can play it as a one-shot.  If you are not familiar with the Japanese tradition of ghost stories and you have Netflix, you might want to watch this.  There is also likely a copy of a small hardback titled Kaidan on the clearance shelves at your local Barnes & Noble, but I can't find a link on their online store.

Since I bought the original The Gift, Michael has been kind enough to send me a copy of the new version by Rite Publishing, and I will be offering a review of it in the future.  (But not before I pay my dues to you, Mike Welham!)  Thanks, Michael!

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