Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lolth's Web Grows

Lilith by Israel Llona, 2007
Thanks for the interesting comments on Respinning the Demon Queen.  I knew Lolth is (and has been since 1980) super popular, but I was gratified to hear that folks are also as interested in Lilith as I am.  There's a lot of great creative ideas out there, and cross-fertilization and discussion of the original sources is both helpful and enjoyable.  I hope folks will scroll down to the comments in my linked post above to see the jewels hidden down there and join in!  (I'm going to disable the comments here to encourage folks to keep the comments all together over there.)

 Drider by Ben Wooten

EDIT: Comments opened for art talk.


  1. Okay, folks wanting to comment on the art asked me about opening them, but I'd appreciate it if we could talk about the art here and the ideas over on the original post, lined above. Thanks!

  2. The art of Lilith is uber-cool! Very evocative and creepy!

    (There. I said it. I'm happy, now. Feel free to close this post for further comments, Oh Obscure One.)

  3. The artist gave possibly the coolest response I've ever gotten from someone whose art I featured. I hope folks notice the caption above is a live link and check more of his art out -- he's got great taste and great talent!

  4. That Lilith is very cool.
    I am very glad you posted this.