Saturday, October 1, 2011



The latest reveal in Pathfinder Battles' Heroes & Monsters miniatures set are perhaps the most iconic of all Pathfinder monsters: their reconception of goblins, with some help from Wayne A. Reynolds.  Check out the post at the Paizo blog.  The sculpt actually look better than the digital paint jobs in this case. I'd be willing to bet that the final product looks much better than the digital paint jobs in this case, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the lowly goblins came out among the stars of this set.  They mention darkening the color green in the final set.  I'm not really sure that's what is necessary: with a dark wash to bring out details, that color would look great to me.  Heck, Paizo originally had these little bastards portrayed in blue!  I think a startling color works for the football-headed, needle-teethed little freaks.  Too bad none of them are portrayed with fire (Pathfinder goblins are pyromaniacs).


  1. This is the first preview to get me really excited about the miniatures line.

  2. Just give them a white mohawk hairstyle and you'll have your own version of Gremlins' Stripe: I love them. ^_^