Monday, March 28, 2016

It's going to be Legen...wait for it...

DARY. As in Legendary Games.

Now I might be a wee bit prejudiced. Staff blogger Mike Welham is coauthor of the last volume. Sometime guest blogger and all-the-time friend-of-the-blog Paris Crenshaw is the lead designer and author.  But it would be wrong to blame me for having awesome friends, and even more wrong to deny yourself based on wrong.

And what would you be denying yourself? A stellar adventure perfect for introducing young players to fantasy tabletop role-playing. This adventure will be available in both a Pathfinder Beginner version and a D&D 5e version.

Give a listen to the Tome Show episode that interviews Paris and Jason Nelson about the adventure (this portion starts about 45 minutes into the program, if you want to skip the Tolkien stuff for now). Then head over to Kickstarter to find a level of support that will give you want you want for your game. Based on my relationship of many years with Paris (and Mike) and my previous dealings with Legendary Games, I feel confident in recommending this KS without reservation. Also note the unique flavor you will be getting in this adventure, which is more colonial fantasy than it is medieval fantasy. (I wish this was reflected more in some of the illustrations that I've seen so far, but when I find an RPG product in which I can't find something to criticize, I'll let you know.) Both Pathfinder's Beginners game and 5e a great rules sets to use to introduce new and young gamers, and well-written, appropriate pre-written adventures for those of us who do so hit the spot. Hats off to all involved, and to Legendary Games for stepping in and taking over Paris' labor of love that I have had the pleasure of seeing go from its inception years ago to this.