Below is a snapshot of my online reading and where I look for what these days.  Most of these sites I've been perusing regularly and for sometime, but blogs change over their lives, and what one is looking for changes, so I will move things around here from time-to-time.  I recommend these sites to the attention of my fellow ramblers, and I thank the folk who produce them for feeding my mythopoesis, richly, with their labors and their fancies.

Bountiful Blogrolls

RPG Blog Alliance

Gaming News
Dreams of Mythic Fantasy (successor to The Underdark Gazette)
Tenkar’s Tavern
The Other Side  
Quest for Fun!

Art Audacious 

Mediaeval Miscellany
A Clerk of Oxford
Early Modern England
Got Medieval?
Henry III Fine Rolls Project
Medieval Minds
Semper Eadem - An Elizabeth I Blog 
Willoughby's Lectures 

Game Publishers Nonpareil
Clockwork Gnome Publishing
Kobold Press
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Mythmere's Blog
Paizo Publishing

Podcast Perfections
Atomic Array
Starship Sofa - The Audio SF Magazine

Periodicals Prodigious
Black Gate

Projects Propitious
The Aspiring Sub-creator
The Dungeon Dozen
Fame & Fortune's Inns & Taverns
Zenopus Archive Website

Religion & Mythopoesis
Blood of Prokopius

The Faery Path
Cabinet des Fées
The Endicott Studio
The Faery Folklorist
SurLaLune Fairy Tales

Angkor Wat Apsara & Devata: Khmer Women in Divine Context
Inuit Myths & Legends
Midnight Folklore
The Three Hares Project
West County Folklore

Kaisers of Cartography
Atlas of the Flanaess by Anna B Meyer
Cartographer's Guild
Tales from the Tower

Gratifying Gamers
A Character for Every Game
Beyond the Black Gate
B/X Blackrazor
Dreams in the Lich House
Dungeons and Digressions
Gothridge Manor
I'd Rather Be Killing Monsters
Monsters and Manuals
The Other Side
A Paladin in Citadel 
Professor Pope
Rather Gamey
Richard's Dystopian Pokeverse
Roles, Rules, and Rolls
The Society of Torch, Pole, & Rope
Swords & Dorkery
Tower of the Archmage

Catholic Encyclopedia (1917)
Encyclopedia Mythica
Jewish Encyclopedia (1906)
The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (1914)
Theoi - Greek Mythology Project
TV Tropes

I will try to update this more often than I did my old Linkography sidebar.

by keyseeker