Monday, October 24, 2011

A Fiendish Hierarchy

I have previously blogged about the amalgamated, generic D&D setting that I created for 3.5.  I wanted to use some figures that players were already familiar with, and chose from among those they new from various D&D settings and monster books while trying to create a setting that had more coherence, and added some new twists to the familiar.  Building the celestial hierarchy was important for clerics and paladins, building the setting's mythic background, and the calendar, as I tried to indicate in the posts on those subjects.  Just as important -- maybe even more so -- is the opposition.

The Fiendish Hierarchy
Arch-Devils (5 for the pentagram)
  • Hextor, the Warlord: patron of war, discord, massacres, conflict, conquest. Diabolic Knights (=UA’s Paladin of Tyranny) the ancient Urromite Empire and Drachand; also popular in the city-state of Adikos. (Wrath & Pride)
  • Lilith, Queen of erinyes, succubi and incubi, creator of Vampires: patron of stillbirth, abortion, infant death, kidnapping, sexual addiction, sexual perversion, sexual seduction, and sexual infidelity.  (Lust & Envy)
  • Mammon, Plutarch of Hell: patron of the accumulation of wealth for its own sake, gambling addiction, evil bankers, insurers, and usurers.  (Greed & Sloth)
  • Mephistopheles, King of Devils, the Father of Lies, the Buyer of Souls: patron of lies, evil illusionists, manipulation, deception, temptation, and (general) seduction.  (Pride & Lust)
  • Tiamat, Queen of evil dragons, creator of dragonspawn: patron of all evil draconic creatures.  (Fear and Hatred)  

Demon Lords (6)

The Chaos symbol.  (I don't like the one with 8 arrows: it doesn't look chaotic at all.  So I adapted it to the anarchy symbol.  Voila!)

  • Abaddon, aka Apollyon, Typhon, and Pazuzu; the Destroyer, king of the locust-demons and evil air elementals.  Patron of Destruction for its own sake (includes suicides).  (Hatred & Wrath) Realm: where the planes of the Abyss and the Air touch.
  • Dagon,   Lord of Aboleths, Leviathans, Krackens, Sahuagin, Locathah, and Ixitxachitl. Patron of Typhoons and Hurricanes.  Called the Illithids.  Creator of the first (evil?) giants (the Cyclops.  Through a pact with the powers of elemental evil, the giants were improved?)  Thus the source of the enmity between the dwarves and the giants goes back to the warfare between Moradin and Dagon.  (Gluttony & Hatred).  Realm: Where the planes of the Abyss and of Water touch.
  • Demogorgon, Prince of Demons; patron of monsters, chaos and destruction in the animal realm.  (Pride & Envy).  Realm: Where the planes of the Abyss and Earth touch.
  • Hekate, Demon Queen of hags, witches, and lycanthropes, bestower of curses.  Patron of Madness and Nightmares, Hallucinogens and Psychodelics.  The Dark Moon.  In some cultures, she is known as Baba Yaga, one of her avatars.  (Hatred & Lust).  Realm: Where the planes of the Abyss and the moon touch.
  • Lolth, Demon Queen of the drow and of evil arachnids.  Patron of drug dealers, sadists, assassins, and poisoners. (Pride & Hatred) Sworn enemy of Orcus.  Realm: Where the planes of the Underdark and the Abyss touch.  
  • Orcus, Lord of the Underworld, maker of undead (excepting vampires, liches, and mummies), maker of the Orcs, patron of Necromancers.  (Gluttony & Pride). Sworn enemy of Lolth.   Realm: The whole of the Abyss.  His claims extend to the entire plane of the Underworld, and his desires to extend the Underworld into the Underdark have earned him the eternal enmity of Lolth. 

Other Evil Powers

  • Baphomet, patron of minotaurs, demon prince of beasts and vengeance.  Thrall of Demogorgon.  Patron of Anti-Paladins (= UA's Paladin of Slaughter).
  • Cerberus, Lord of all hellish hounds, Hound of Orcus. 
  • Graz'zt, Dark Prince, the Great Usurper.  Devoted enemy of Demogorgon and his minions.  Also known as Arioch.  
  • Uzir, patron of Miżraim, supplanter of Set.  First Mummy, Lord of Mummies and of false afterlife.  Vassal of Mephistopheles.  In the Uzirite heresy, it is claimed that Anqet, as primal goddess, gave birth to Uzir.
  • Iblīs, The Caliph of the Efreet, The Grand Sultan of the City of Brass, Wazir of Mephistopheles.
  • Gruumsh, first orc, patron of all orcs, as well as conquest, strength, survival and territory, greater servant of Orcus.  Patron of evil barbarians.
  • The Lady of Pain, the resultant split personality of Orcus' kidnapping of Kora.  Patron of masochism, loss, grief, and isolation.
  • {Spoilered},  a figure associated with a major arc in some games that were put on hold.  Just in case they get started again.
  • Yeenoghu, consort of Demogorgon and patron of gnolls.  Also known as Lamashtu.  (Yes, he got a sex change.  Gnolls should be matriarchal, like hyenas.)

The Four Horsemen (aka the Malefactors, NE)
  • Tyranny    (Titan, patron of tyranny)  
  • War           (Akhillon, Hextor's Herald/Shield-bearer).  First King & Patron of Adikos. 
  • Pestilence (Nerull, patron of disease)
  • Death        (Charon, opposed to Anubis. Orcus' ferryman.)

Vestiges of Vanquished Evil Powers

  • Acererak (Vestige)
  • Mok'slyk (Vestige)
  • Tenebrous (Vestige)
  • Tharizdun (Vestige)

  • Erythnul, patron of hate, envy, malice, panic, ugliness, and slaughter.
  • Usaht, wife of Uzir.  Patron of opportunistic abandonment of family, total freedom of worship, cooperation in scams and hoaxes, mothers who aspire to give birth to gods, and wives who have to search for their husbands.  For her betrayal of the gods, Usaht was transformed into a Serpent woman.  Thenceforth, she has become the patron of Serpentfolk and other serpentine monsters who are not already minions of Tiamat. 
  • The Lady {Spoilered}.  Connected to the spoiler above.

It may just look like a hodgepodge of listing, but if you dig into it, there was a good deal of thought that went into it, in how the various evil powers are related and their opposition to the celestial hierarchy.  Thanks for stopping by for this week's installment of Mythopoeic Monday!