Sunday, March 31, 2019

The End is Near! Reset your Browsers and Feeders!

Mike took a break and is back -- you probably noticed.

I took a probably thought I was dead.  I came back a few times and said I wasn't dead. If you noticed, you probably suspected that I wasn't really back.  Well, I hope I am cycling into a new phase of life.

I'm not going to promise twice-a-week posting like used to be my norm, but I have been thinking and working on things, and even carving out some little bits of time to write up some of the things I've been thinking and working on, so I have some hope for increased blog activity on my part.  I even think it's going to be productive!

At the same time, I've digested some feedback about the blog and some of my own dissatisfaction with Google.  So, I'm here to say that this blog is dead.

It's being reborn on Wordpress with a new look and new organization.  Tomorrow, April 1, I will post the first substantial new content from me in a long time. I'm going to be focusing on a very basic question about the structure of D&D in it early forms and what it may have to do with world building.  Yep, my basic obses- er, interests, have not changed. I've still got my Old School stance, but I'm not going to hate on or close myself off from new possibilites. I'll try some and see what there is to see, when opportunity presents itself. In the areas of tabletop gaming closest to where this blog dwells, we live in a time of great innovation and activity in roleplaying in general, the current edition of D&D, and frankly inspiring creativity in the OSR and OSR-adjacent DIY D&D that is blowing fresh winds my way. Pathfinder has long been dethroned by 5e, but it too is coming soon in a new iteration. Newness is in the air. The season is changing.

I hope Mike will chime in and say what his thoughts and hopes are for MPR, the second-born. Is he going to keep making PF 1.0 monsters? Is he going to make PF 2.0 monsters and/or D&D 5e monsters? I'd like to know.  And I'm going to try to discipline myself to offer some of them in conversion for those of you playing things like Swords & Wizardry -- still powering my current campaign. is going to have a threefold structure -- My Rambles, Mike's Monsters, and an archive of this blog. Okay, I've already learned some hard lessons about Wordpress. There will be no tripartite structure, however, you'll see clearly that all that stuff will be there.

To everyone who contributed to this blog over the years -- readers, sharers, commenters, friends, guest writers, and above all, Mike, please accept my hearty and humble thanks.  I hope this blog contributed to your imaginative and ludic life, because sharing it with you has greatly contributed to mine. Going forward, all our blog interactions and new posts will appear there.

Please join us and see where the creation and enjoyment of mythic fantasy will take us in the future.

Yours sub-creatively,

Dr. Obscure

Mythopoetic Rambling Blogspot, February 2011-March 2019