Sunday, May 5, 2013

Final Shield Wall Sunderday!

I can hear a lot of you breathing a sigh of relief that this will be the last week of Shield Walls. Sorry to get your hopes up last week, but I promise this is it (at least until Paizo bring out some new Wall Spells). Next week takes me back to where my RPG design journey began and thankfully gives you all something lower priced that helps make my articles a little more accessible to the common player.

For now, enjoy the last two Shield Walls, one low powered but a very useful utility item and one more high end powerhouse!

Shield Wall
These shields come in many different varieties; two shield walls are described below.
All Walls brought into creation by a Shield Wall can only be formed vertically and cannot be moved or pushed in any way.
To create a Wall, the bearer must place the shield in front of herself at the midpoint of where she wants the Wall to be formed. The Wall then comes into being from a point touching the facing edge of the shield. A Wall always lasts for 1 round per Caster Level and cannot be dismissed early. Each Wall ability can be used three times per day, although any other abilities the Shield may possess are always active. Unless stated in the Description, they require a Standard Action to activate.
A new Wall cannot be brought into existence until any previous Wall has expired.

Campfire Shield
Aura Faint Evocation; CL 5th
Slot shield; Price 15,159gp; Weight 6lb.
This blackened +1/+1 Flaming Light Steel Shield (+1 AC bonus and +1 to hit in melee) is always warm to the touch. As with a normal flaming weapon, it can be commanded to burst into flames on command and when being used to shield bash acts like any other weapon of its ilk.
Once per day however, it can be laid on the ground and commanded to flame. Doing so will activate a campfire shield centered upon it. The shield gives off light and heat equivalent to a small campfire and is still harmful to anyone but the person who activated its ability.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, campfire wall; Cost 7,579gp 5sp

Spellbane Shield
Aura Strong Abjuration and Evocation; CL 17th
Slot shield; Price 284,617gp; Weight lb.
This +5 Living Steel Tower Shield is a potent defense for fighters against anyone using magic against them. It can be used to create a wall of suppression as per the spell and can be used to store either one greater dispel magic or two dispel magic spells as if it had a modified spell storing ability. Triggering this ability is the same as a regular spell storing shield, and at the wielder’s discretion, targets whoever hit the wielder with one of the stored spells. Only those two spells can be stored.
It also provides the wielder with Spell Resistance 15.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, wall of suppression; Cost 142,308gp 5sp