Monday, November 7, 2011

Dee's Deities & Demigods

Elric by Jeff Dee

I may have mentioned it before, but it bears repeating.  Among the great book losses of my youth, nay, my life, is that I no longer have the original Deities & Demigods, the one with all Cthulhu mythos etc.  One day I will shell out the money to redress that wrong, but for now, I live with my memories.  This must be a very dim reflection of what artist Jeff Dee feels about all that artwork he did for TSR, back in the day.

"Hey, our files are overflowing."
"No problem.  Just take all those old Dee illustrations and heave 'em in the dumpster."

Unbelievable.  Dee is dealing with this loss by offering a project to redraw these lost images (and possibly some new ones) on Kickstarter.  I'm happy to hear it, and I hope the project makes.  If you are just now hearing about this, I hope you will head over, take a look, and consider supporting it.

Thanks to Tim Brannan for passing the word on.  I hope my reblogging helps spread it.