Friday, November 11, 2011

Members of Caven

Iron Chef Adventure Challenge: Members of Caven

Well, one accepts one's limitations and does what one can.  At least, I'm pretty sure I was told that at some point in the hopes that maturation might occur.

I finished Mike Monaco's Iron Chef Adventure Challenge, or at least, I made myself accept that I had gotten done what I was going to get done.  The cards that I got in my pack clearly clustered in groups that fit together and gave direction to my imagination.  In some ways, I was quiet lucky in them, and in others, they created a framework much bigger than what I could get done in a month in my spare time.  Mike's generosity and the luck of my draw fired my imagination, and continues to fire it -- so much so that I've got lots of ideas I want to return to in the future.

I used all my cards, though names were changed and non-OGL monsters were replaced with OGL equivalents.  The premise of the adventure centers around a dead demi-god or deity, a patron of secret knowledge, who is killed yet some of his body parts subsistence as undead magical items.  Oh yeah, the being is also named after Jack Vance.  Wink!

If you are interested, here is a link to the pdf.  If you have no interest in fantasy setting equivalents of Translyvania and of Tibet, don't click.  I should say, however, that it became every bit as much character driven as it was place or magic item driven.

A big thanks to Mike Monaco, the folks who donated prizes, the Fawlties for their support when I stressed, Jack Vance, and Roger the GS (for his Original Standard notes, which I didn't use as much as I had hoped or as much as I would if I had time to sort through my insane desire to not only produce something somewhat system neutral, but that could be played by S&W, LL, and Pathfinder with minimum repetition.)

Before I forget, a big thank you and best wishes to all the vets who served and to families who sacrificed on this Veterans Day.  Oh yeah, and WWI: European friends, let's not do that again.  Peace!