Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update on My Reading

Top: Just Finished, Bottom: Currently Reading
Hecate's Cauldron looked promising, and there were some good stories in it, but overall it disappointed.  I took a little too long to finish it, so my memory got a little fuzzy, but "The Sage of Theare," "The Harmonious Battle," and "Ishigbi" stand out.  Now I'm reading Snow White, Blood Red.  I love fairy tale re-tellings, but the more I think about some of them, the more disturbed I am. Yeesh!  I really look forward to the new Pathfinder Tales installment, which came this week.  Planar adventure, here I come!

This is what I'm reading next.
Yeah, I know I need to update the bottom of the page.  I'll try to get to it.