Sunday, April 14, 2013

La La La... Testing, Testing... Welcome to Sunderday Everyone!

Today’s shield is especially for all you Bard fans out there (c’mon, there’s gotta be at least one of you out there right?). Thankfully it’s a bit cheaper than some of the other shields I’ve had up lately, although it’s still a higher level item. Once I finish up the Shield Walls (another 2 to go after this one) I promise I’ll give you something a little more useful for lower level characters that I think you might like.

Anyway, let’s get today’s entry up so you can all wait in anticipation for Mike’s next monster tomorrow (which will be something close to his heart). :)

Shield Wall
These shields come in many different varieties, one of which is described below.
All Walls brought into creation by a Shield Wall can only be formed vertically and cannot be moved or pushed in any way.
To create a Wall, the bearer must place the shield in front of herself at the midpoint of where she wants the Wall to be formed. The Wall then comes into being from a point touching the facing edge of the shield. A Wall always lasts for 1 round per Caster Level and cannot be dismissed early. Each Wall ability can be used three times per day, although any other abilities the Shield may possess are always active. Unless stated in the Description, they require a Standard Action to activate.
A new Wall cannot be brought into existence until any previous Wall has expired.

Resonance Shield
Aura Moderate Evocation; CL 13th
Slot shield; Price 57,938gp; Weight 2.5 lb.
This +2 Mithral Buckler is made by Bards and has the ability to enhance their musical talents. It can create a wall of sound as per the spell, although unlike most other shield walls this ability can only be used once per day. However it can also be used to cast deafening song bolt once per day as well, in a similar manner to creating the wall (holding the shield out in front of you, pointed towards the targets).
The main reason that the shield is so useful to Bards though is its ability to vibrate and carry on any Bardic Performance that contains only audible components. It can carry on a performance for an additional 4 rounds after the Bard stops and during this time the sonic vibrations emanating from the shield grant an additional +1 shield bonus to AC. This ability is always active and so can be used any number of times per day, as long as the Bard begins a new performance.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Extra Performance, deafening song bolt, wall of sound; Cost 28,969gp