Friday, June 10, 2011

More Scoops from PaizoCon 2011

Some of these were already known, but this just in from one of my moles at the Future of Paizo Fiction seminar:

Next 5 novels: "Master of Devils" by Dave Gross, set in Tian Xia; "Death's Heretic" by James Sutter, set mainly across several planes; "Song of the Serpent" by Hugh Matthews, set in Druma; "City of the Fallen Sky" by Tim Pratt, set in the Lost City of Kho; "Title TBD" by Liane Merciel, set in Nidal.
I've been anticipating the Dave Gross novel for some time.  For more on it and the line in general, scroll down to the Atomic Array link and give the recent show dedicated to Pathfinder Tales a listen.