Thursday, June 2, 2011

What the Hell is Wrong with Taliesin?

Allen Taliesin, aka, the Clockwork Gnome, should be working on character generation for our Ygg (S&W) play-by-post game.  He should.  Instead, he is doing this:

 And this:

What is he trying to be? A river flowing to gamerdom?  (Or maybe a gnomish clockwork mill on a river flowing to gamerdom?) The point is, he needs to get his priorities straight.  I ask that all loyal readers of this blog go to his site (linked to the covers above) and post demands for the same there.  And sure, if you want to read his press release about his intriguing new products while you're there, fine, whatever.  Just don't get sucked in.  It's all about priorities, people.

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