Saturday, June 11, 2011

PaizoCon 2011 News Updates

The moles are still busy at work.  (And gaming and partying.  Rats.)  Thanks a lot guys and/or gals! First, the Pathfinder Player Companion is now going monthly.  Second, I got extended details on the Pathfinder Tales fiction line.
Pierce Watters and Erik Mona stated that Paizo is interested in, and actively investigation possibilities for, audiobook versions of the Pathfinder Tales novels. The intent is to go that direction, but as with everything they do, Paizo wants to make sure that what they produce will be of high quality.

They would love to be able to put out Kindle and Nook versions of the books through the actual retailers (i.e., Amazon, etc.), but the current contract requirements with the major retailers are not to Paizo's liking, so they're holding off on that. However, users can already read their Paizo ePub copies by using available conversion software. (I can't remember the name of the software unfortunately.)

The panel also confirmed (re-confirmed?) that rules for the "riffle scrolls" from "Prince of Wolves" will be printed in the "Inner Sea Magic" book coming out soon.

Lastly, one other tidbit from Dave Gross: Along with "Master of Devils" there will be two other pieces of fiction concerning Radovan and Jeggare, including a web story and a novella. The novella will be set in Minkai and will detail the duo's exploits leading up to the events in "Master of Devils."
Yay!  Dave Gross news!