Thursday, June 9, 2011

News of Pathfinder Minis

According the post at ICv2, here, the initial box of Pathfinder miniatures will be four of the iconic characters:
  1. Ezren the Wizard,
  2. Merisiel the Elven Rogue,
  3. Kyra the Cleric, and
  4. Valeros the Fighter.
Given the almost irresistible conclusion that the ol' Paizo magic will infuse the WizKids venture, I am sure that the success of the first set will spur further sets.  (With monsters!)  It strikes me as a little odd that there is still no press release at the website of Paizo or WizKids, but I will post again when I have those links.

EDIT: It seems like a lot of people are not finding the second part of the story, which has the preorder link.