Saturday, June 11, 2011

Next Pathfinder Rulebook Announced

At the PaizoCon banquet tonight, the next big RPG hardback book was announced:

Ultimate Races
Spotlighting 16 races: Aasimar, tiefling, kobold, goblin, dhampir, merfel, strix, and more races that they are currently holding out on.  Teases.  My bet is elemental races.  So apparently the demand for playing monstrous races has reached the point that Paizo is addressing it.

The other big hardback will be (drum roll):

Bestiary 3
The surprise that's not a surprise.  It has a Wayne Reynolds cover with a greater cyclops, kappa, and grave knight on it and will focus on creatures from international folklore.  I love the Paizo bestiaries and particularly look forward to this one.

EDIT: I just received Mole Notes on the entire banquet, if you can decipher them.
Ultimate Combat, August 2011
Beginner Box, Fall 2011
Bestiary III, Winter 2011
Ultimate Races, Spring 2012 (256 pages)
Spotlight races: kobolds, goblins, aasimar, dhampyr, tiefling, every character that advances by character classes

Jade Regent AP
Wayne Reynolds
The Brinewall Legacy
50, "Vikings vs ninjas"
New format stuff

"Skull & Bones"
The Shackles
Infamy scores & plunder scores

U[ltimate] C[ombat], "Stabbing People"
Gunslingers - full base class
Archetypes: a wizard with a gun
Over 200 feats
Style feats = martial arts
Dueling expansion
Performance combat: Gannicus!
Vehicle Combat
Optional rule systems
Piecemeal armor
Armor as DR
Called shots
A few spells: Focus on making fighters better.

Beginner Box
Hero's Handbook
Gamemaster's Guide
Pawns: Stand-ups (87); 28 PCs, 59 monsters
Pre-gens: 4 w/character sheets
Hero's Handbook
Solo adventure
Human, dwarf, and elf
Cleric, fighter, rogue, wizard
Skills and feats
Reduced list of both
Pictures for equipment
Combat: 8 pages only
GM Guide
Short adventure
How to run the game
How to create an adventure
Magic items: old and new
Monsters: one column each
Set in Sandpoint